1. Blessedmom

    This is a daily effort…We have a saying (which I stole from a book) “Enough is enough for us.” I tell my kids that the only reason God gives us more than enough, more than our simple needs, is so we can share with others.

    • Thank you for sharing, Blessedmom! I may steal that as well. What a great way to put it! It is definitely a daily effort, one that God give us more than enough grace for as moms, thankfully. There are days I am only able to continue being patient with their little sinful hearts because of His love and strength in me. Blessings!

    • Gale, thanks…you are not alone! Not to mention so many other moms, God is with you! He is strong when we are weak. I also look forward to “more to come,” in the sense that I am still on this journey…sharing as I go. Can’t wait to see what God does in my family in this journey He’s got us walking.

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