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69 Ways We Are Learning Contentment in Our Home

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This journey toward growing a content heart started over two years ago.  I have not arrived.  But the Lord is teaching me through many daily, mundane aspects of life, how to be content with what we have, right where we are.

So to give you an idea of what life is like in my home, as we seek to be more content and teach our kids what this means, here are a few specific ways we are working on this:

69 Ways Learning Contentment - Growing a Content Heart

69 Ways We Are Learning Contentment in Our Home

  1. Kids help out with chores.
  2. Regular Goodwill/donation sweeps.
  3. Pretty much always making food at home.
  4. Eating all the leftovers.
  5. No. Credit. Cards.
  6. Not going somewhere if we’re short on gas and money.
  7. Dance parties = exercise!
  8. “You gotta try new food because it might taste goo-ood!” (Daniel Tiger fans can sing along…)
  9. No “just for fun” shopping.  Really.
  10. Checking out books from the library instead of buying them.
  11. Entertainment choices: broadcast TV and Amazon Prime Video. (Okay, some YouTube.)
  12. Checking out DVDs from the library instead of….you know.
  13. Making sure our entertainment choices pass the “Philippians 4:8 Test.” (Post coming on this topic!!)
  14. Drawing.  Just because.
  15. Two or more children working on a chore together.  Like…as a team.
  16. We. Have. No. Video. Games. (There.  I confessed.)
  17. Just go in the backyard.  Just play outside.  Go.
  18. Taking walks.
  19. Two mugs of chai and some conversation at my own table = mother/11-year-old daughter date.Chai Tea Latte Mix - Growing a Content Heart
  20. You fight over a toy—it’s gone.
  21. Consistent, expected consequences for certain bahaviors.
  22. The 2 Steps
  23. Read books.
  24. Make your own book.
  25. Create anything you want from all the craft supplies mom scattered on the kitchen table.
  26. Slime and playdough.  ‘Nuff said.
  27. Daily Bible reading habit. (More posts coming on this topic!!)
  28. Make a mess—clean it up.
  29. Be modest.
  30. Drink water and milk.
  31. Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool, instead of expensive curriculum.  Seriously, it’s awesome.  And more than enough.
  32. Setting timers to stay on task.
  33. Listen when someone else is talking.
  34. Even if it was an accident—apologize.
  35. When you obey, there are blessings.  When you disobey, there are consequences.
  36. Taking turns.
  37. Baby wipe containers make great art supply boxes.
  38. Just make music together!
  39. Playgrounds and parks.
  40. Big kids help the toddler.
  41. It’s okay to just watch one TV show.  No really, you’ll survive.
  42. Just look out the window while mommy drives.
  43. Family meals at the table.
  44. Telling jokes to each other.
  45. Tickle parties! (Also exercise.)
  46. Hug time. I mean big, bear hugs.
  47. Baking with messy children.
  48. Making crafts for each other = mommy/6 -year-old daughter date
  49. Read more books.
  50. Not always doing all the things all of our friends are doing.  Even if they’re awesome friends.
  51. I took all games off my phone.
  52. Floor puzzles.
  53. Board games. It’s ok to lose—because we are having fun together.
  54. Loud, crazy time and quiet, calm time are both ok.
  55. A spiral notebook really is the most flexible planner.
  56. Think you need it?  Pray for it.  Then leave it up to God.
  57. Doing/making things for others.
  58. Table manners.
  59. Good conversations.
  60. A thermos of homemade chai when I leave the house, so my car doesn’t want to pull into Starbucks.
  61. Knock and wait—on bedroom and bathroom doors.
  62. Screen time must be earned.
  63. Failure means you learned something.
  64. Not having a choice about everything.
  65. Telling the truth is required.
  66. Hand.  Washing.  Dishes.  For 6 people.  (No dishwasher in the rent house.)
  67. Read even more books.
  68. If you can’t say nothin’ nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.
  69. And finally, find something to say “thank you” for, instead of complaining. Like this:

This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but my brain got exhausted realizing all the ways we are growing in contentment in our home!  I did not know how much I would come up with when I started this list.

What resonated with  your heart, mama?  What ways is your family already working on being content with what you have, right where you are?

I am cheering you on!  We are in this together.


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