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About Me Growing a Content Heart

Hey, guys, I’m Susan.  Follower of Christ, devoted wife, homeschooling mom of 4 (there’s my youngest up there), pianist, poet, and perfectionist.  Yeah, that last one drags me down some days.  It’s part of why I am on this journey–growing a content heart.

I am a deep-thinking, idealistic dreamer who can totally picture how I wish life could be!  Then my heart strings are pulled back to earth and my kid-messy, no-money, anxiety-brain life…

Do you ever feel stuck between your dreams and your daily life?  Where’s the happy medium?  What is this elusive thing called “contentment”?

This blog is my journey to find it.  Here I share my messy, vulnerable, sincere thoughts and lessons God is teaching me about growing a content heart.  Read about how this journey got started.

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Thanks for dropping by!

Seeking the Lord together,