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    6 Keys to a Daily Bible Reading Habit

    Over the last few years, I have become aware of an epidemic.  The epidemic of Not Reading Our Bibles. We are dying for a lack of daily Bible reading. We say things like this: “I just don’t have time.” “I used to, but…” “Reading just isn’t my THING.” “Every time I try, you know, the kids…” We have mental obstacles that essentially say, “There’s no way I can do daily Bible reading.”  The simple lack of a plan will prevent you from opening your Bible on most days.   God’s Word is your soul’s daily nourishment, your daily intake of Truth.  Have you been starving yourself?  There are deeper heart issues…

  • 7 Bible Study Questions for Any Passage
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    7 Bible Study Questions for Any Passage

    These questions can help you get at the truth in any passage, process it, and learn from it.  I use these 7 Bible study questions in my own personal study off and on, or when I am preparing to lead a group study.  I highly recommend having a journal or notebook available to write down the answers you find in the text.  Writing the answers to these questions can take your study and journaling deeper.   This is my own consolidation of a few different lists of questions to use in Bible study, that I have accumulated over the years. This has become my standard list I teach and use myself. …

  • 4 Simple Actions That Take My Bible Reading Deeper
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    4 Simple Actions That Take My Bible Reading Deeper

    What I do when I meet with God has changed over the years, depending on life. What has not changed is, in fact, the Unchangeable. God Almighty, Who was, and is, and is to come. When I choose to make my morning appointment with Him, He always shows up.  That has always been true. Your routine and methods may be different than mine.  This post is not meant to prescribe what you should try, but to describe the basics of what I do to take my Bible reading deeper. I hope you walk away with a few good ideas. Why do I struggle to read my Bible? I am not…

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    20 Prayers You Can Pray Before Reading Your Bible

    How Should You Pray Before Bible Reading? What prayers should you pray before opening the Word of God?  These prayers should direct your attention to God and His Word.  The best prayers before Bible study are for understanding the Bible and to find joy in His Word. What are some reasons to pray before Bible study?  When we pray for understanding, we place our confidence in God’s ability to help us, not in our own minds to comprehend.  This certainly removes some stress when approaching Bible reading.  When we pray for joy in His Word, we find it is okay to admit when we are not super excited about opening…

  • Busting 2 Myths about Daily Bible Reading | Growing a Content Heart
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    Busting 2 Myths About Daily Bible Reading

    “How is your Bible reading going?” My question makes an assumption.  I assume what I believe to be true: that “your Bible reading” is actually a thing, a spiritual discipline every Christian should have, a natural part of the Christian life.   The person I ask usually catches this assumption, and the defenses go up.  Attitudes and answers vary, but the basic problem is simply not reading our Bibles.   God means for his daughters to be in His Word, seeking Him.  What is keeping us from it?  In talking with women of all ages, there are some myths we have embraced when it comes to a daily Bible ready habit.  Time…

  • 3 Step Prayer for Stressful Moments
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    3 Step Prayer for Stressful Moments

    The call comes.  The text lights up your phone.  The words come out of someone’s mouth.  You read it on Facebook. You know the moment… the instant stress hits you.  Worry takes you to the worst possible outcome.  Anxiety feeds on itself as the situation grows in your mind. I don’t know about you, but I am a pro at letting worry get the best of me.  But God’s Word teaches us a better way to respond to stressful moments. Trials are promised in Scripture, but so is the peace that passes understanding.  Here is some practical wisdom on how to seek that peace. 3 Step Prayer for Stressful Moments…

  • 7 Reasons for a Wife to Choose Prayer Over Prodding
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    7 Reasons For a Wife to Choose Prayer Over Prodding

    There are always expectations that are not met.  Behaviors that annoy us.  Major decisions poorly made.  Sinful habits.  Disappointing qualities can always be found in a husband, especially if one is always looking for them. But that’s the key, isn’t it?  Where is your gaze?  Are the eyes of your heart dwelling constantly on the failings of your husband?  Or are they more often turned upon Jesus? The answer to this question will determine your responses to your husband.  Do you pray for him, that God would grow him into the man He created him to be, or to make wise choices, or whatever is appropriate for the situation? Or do…

  • 5 Things to Say When You Don't Know What to Pray
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    5 Things to Say When You Don’t Know What to Pray

    Sometimes, prayers just come natural.  Thank you for this.  Please help us with that.  In Jesus’ name… But sometimes…life falls apart.  The ticking hours press on your soul.  Your heart goes numb, and words fall short. A few years ago, I had a good habit of praying by my bedside in the morning, escaping the squawking children, milky cereal bowls, piles of school books ready for the day, and housework screaming to be attended to… Just to meet God in the secret, in the quiet place. Except, when you’re a mommy, it’s hard to have a totally secret place. Here I was, on my knees by my bed—made up with…