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    6 Keys to a Daily Bible Reading Habit

    Over the last few years, I have become aware of an epidemic.  The epidemic of Not Reading Our Bibles. We are dying for a lack of daily Bible reading. We say things like this: “I just don’t have time.” “I used to, but…” “Reading just isn’t my THING.” “Every time I try, you know, the kids…” We have mental obstacles that essentially say, “There’s no way I can do daily Bible reading.”  The simple lack of a plan will prevent you from opening your Bible on most days.   God’s Word is your soul’s daily nourishment, your daily intake of Truth.  Have you been starving yourself?  There are deeper heart issues…

  • 7 Bible Study Questions for Any Passage
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    7 Bible Study Questions for Any Passage

    These questions can help you get at the truth in any passage, process it, and learn from it.  I use these 7 Bible study questions in my own personal study off and on, or when I am preparing to lead a group study.  I highly recommend having a journal or notebook available to write down the answers you find in the text.  Writing the answers to these questions can take your study and journaling deeper.   This is my own consolidation of a few different lists of questions to use in Bible study, that I have accumulated over the years. This has become my standard list I teach and use myself. …

  • 4 Simple Actions That Take My Bible Reading Deeper
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    4 Simple Actions That Take My Bible Reading Deeper

    What I do when I meet with God has changed over the years, depending on life. What has not changed is, in fact, the Unchangeable. God Almighty, Who was, and is, and is to come. When I choose to make my morning appointment with Him, He always shows up.  That has always been true. Your routine and methods may be different than mine.  This post is not meant to prescribe what you should try, but to describe the basics of what I do to take my Bible reading deeper. I hope you walk away with a few good ideas. Why do I struggle to read my Bible? I am not…

  • Busting 2 Myths about Daily Bible Reading | Growing a Content Heart
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    Busting 2 Myths About Daily Bible Reading

    “How is your Bible reading going?” My question makes an assumption.  I assume what I believe to be true: that “your Bible reading” is actually a thing, a spiritual discipline every Christian should have, a natural part of the Christian life.   The person I ask usually catches this assumption, and the defenses go up.  Attitudes and answers vary, but the basic problem is simply not reading our Bibles.   God means for his daughters to be in His Word, seeking Him.  What is keeping us from it?  In talking with women of all ages, there are some myths we have embraced when it comes to a daily Bible ready habit.  Time…