• 12 Important Bible Memory Verses for Kids
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    12 Important Bible Memory Verses for Kids

    Why should kids memorize Bible verses? Feeds their mind with God’s Truth. Let’s be honest. Kids memorize all kinds of information, song lyrics, and pop culture phrases. They are FULLY capable of memorizing Bible verses. And there is no more important thing to put in their minds. If you are following Christ, and want your kids to follow Christ, feed them with the truth of Scripture. Make Bible memory a priority. Here is why we should have Bible memory verses for kids. Plants the seeds of the gospel. Specifically, we want to plant the truth of the gospel in our children’s hearts and minds. 1 Timothy 3:16 says the Word…

  • "The 2 Steps" {solving sibling conflict}
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    “The 2 Steps” {a ridiculously simple system for solving sibling conflict} + FREE POSTER

    Yelling.  Tattling. Whining.  Hitting. Arguing.  Bad attitudes. The more we said “love one another” and “be kind,” the more our kids seemed to…well, not care.  Sibling conflict was at critical mass. If you think about it, phrases like “be nice to each other” are not very specific.  And let’s be honest.  Even if you understand how “being nice” works, in the heat of being offended, if you have no plan, the situation spirals. My small humans needed clear, simple steps. We could not go on—the way they were treating each other, and even us parents, had to stop.  But I knew my inexperienced children needed some specific, workable guidance to make…