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  • "The 2 Steps" {solving sibling conflict}
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    “The 2 Steps” {a ridiculously simple system for solving sibling conflict} + FREE POSTER

    Yelling.  Tattling. Whining.  Hitting. Arguing.  Bad attitudes. The more we said “love one another” and “be kind,” the more our kids seemed to…well, not care.  Sibling conflict was at critical mass. If you think about it, phrases like “be nice to each other” are not very specific.  And let’s be honest.  Even if you understand how “being nice” works, in the heat of being offended, if you have no plan, the situation spirals. My small humans needed clear, simple steps. We could not go on—the way they were treating each other, and even us parents, had to stop.  But I knew my inexperienced children needed some specific, workable guidance to make…

  • 5 Things That Bring Peace Homeschool Days - Growing a Content Heart
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    5 Things That Bring Peace to Our Homeschool Days

    {This post contains affiliate links.} As a stay-at-home, work-at-home, homeschool mom ninja, I wear about a thousand hats.  Every mom can relate on some level.  And adding his homeschool thing brings so much pressure to “get it right,” on top of everything else we are responsible for. For the longest time, I simply accepted the pressure of Pinterest, the perfect homeschool mom bloggers, what I thought people expected of me and my kids, and my own perfectionism.  I let this pressure rule how I planned my homeschool days.  You better believe my kids felt that pressure too. The Lord has taken me down a couple notches.  I am learning contentment.…

  • Growing Content Kids {Part 2} - Growing a Content Heart
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    Growing Content Kids {Part 2}

    For a third time, I dive into the details of things we are doing in our home to grow content kids.  As I worked on this post, I found myself getting lost in the details—making sure it would all be perfectly complete for you guys. But what’s the big picture?  Why have strategies for all this?  What is the focus that drives such a campaign as raising content kids?   Growing Content Kids {Part 2} Soft, frail 4-year-old arms lightly wrap themselves into my arms.  Giant, sleepy blue eyes soak up my mommy-eyes, in the waking moments of the morning.  Messy strawberry blonde hair tickles my chin, as we snuggle in.  *deep breath*…

  • Growing Content Kids {Part 1} - Growing a Content Heart
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    Growing Content Kids {Part 1}

    Last week, I wrote about 4 Ways to Create Selfish Kids. Not that we are doing these things on purpose.  We don’t set out to create selfish kids.  They are born that way.  But everything we do either encourages them in their selfishness, or shows them a better way.  How do we create content kids?   Growing Content Kids {Part 1} As promised, we will dive into my current solutions to this problem—ways we are working on creating content kids in our home.  I’ve split this up into two parts because I had so much to say—this post is Part 1.  I’m going to address my first two points from last week: 1.…

  • 4 Ways to Create Selfish Kids
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    4 Ways to Create Selfish Kids {and what I’m doing about it}

    “My turn!” “But that’s not fun!” “She’s not being fair!” “I don’t wanna do it!” Sound familiar? With each kid (we’re up to 4), God has opened my eyes wider to the nature of a child’s heart.  They are selfish from the womb.  “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23)  There is no escaping this.  And as parents, everything–everything–everything we do either encourages that selfishness or points them to a better way.  God’s way. 4 Ways to Create Selfish Kids {and what I’m doing about it} I’m currently reading the best book ever on this topic. Ultimately, we pray for the salvation of…