• 5 Things to Say When You Don't Know What to Pray
    My Circumstances,  My Heart

    5 Things to Say When You Don’t Know What to Pray

    Sometimes, prayers just come natural.  Thank you for this.  Please help us with that.  In Jesus’ name… But sometimes…life falls apart.  The ticking hours press on your soul.  Your heart goes numb, and words fall short. 2 years ago, I had a good habit of praying by my bedside in the morning, escaping the squawking children, milky cereal bowls, piles of school books ready for the day, and housework screaming to be attended to… Just to meet God in the secret, in the quiet place.   Except, when you’re a mommy, it’s hard to have a totally secret place. Here I was, on my knees by my bed—made up with…

  • Why I Hate Easter and Love Jesus
    My Heart

    Why I Hate Easter and Love Jesus

    Before you judge, how many of you feel that way about Christmas?  I don’t mean good music like this, family favorite movies like this one, and the worshipful celebration of Jesus birth.  You know what I mean.  The stuff you have to buy for your kids, the decorations, the aisles and aisles of candy, the expectation of special items of clothing, the events, the planning…. You don’t have to be a socially anxious introvert like me to get overwhelmed and frustrated by it all. This year Easter has become all that for me.  And several friends I see around me. Why I Hate Easter and Love Jesus As a stay-at-home mom…