Sharing what I love…

This page is a place to share with you products and services (even some free ones!) that I use and love.  You’ll find valuable resources for blogging, home management, and homeschooling.

These are all things that make my life easier and bless me and my family.

May you find a couple you can love too!  Happy hunting!



Blogging Resources:


Start a Mom Blog

Suzi Whitford is a stay-at-home mom who has successfully turned blogging into a business that provides for her family.  She generously shares tons of quick tips and valuable tools to get you started, if you already blog or are ready to dive into that journey.  Her courses are easy to understand and implement; and as for cost, they are really one of the best deals out there.  There may be something for you:

Start a Mom Blog courses



Do a New Thing

Christa Hutchins has become a dear friend and mentor.  Her thing is helping go-getter Jesus girls with big dreams sort through all the big ideas, figure out the one thing that matters, and start moving forward.  She is a project manager, a problem solver, and has all the planning helps and tools you could ever want.   Quiet the noise of all the ideas, and move forward in confidence and clarity:

Meet Christa

Here are some of my favorite things Christa offers:

Christa’s best stuff



I have used Canva for years to create all my graphics.  You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create beautiful things.  The free tools, stock images, and templates available here can make your job easy.  Even their upgrade to a premium account with special features is pretty cheap.  See what all the fuss is about:

Try creating something on Canva




SiteGround is my go-to web hosting and domain service.  Start-up is easy to follow, and customer service is dependable.  If you are ready to jump into the nuts and bolts of blogging:

What SiteGround offers




Home Management Resources:

(I will add more as I find good ones I can’t live without)



Wal-Mart Grocery Pick-up

Anyone who knows me, knows that Wal-Mart Grocery Pick-up is my new jam.  Can we say, NOT taking the children into the store with you?  Enough said.  Wait, you still haven’t tried it for yourself?  Well…

$10 off your first order




Homeschooling Resources:

Intoxicated on Life

Luke and Trisha are homeschool parents who believe you can honor God in all areas of your family’s life: body, mind, and soul.  They have affordable video trainings for families, homeschool resources, sex ed resources (theirs is my favorite resource for this, by the way), and healthy eating ideas.  Their mission is to present Biblically grounded encouragement, fused with solid research, and practical experience.

Meet Luke & Trisha



Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool

This one is not a referral link, because this curriculum is 100% freeEvery subject, every grade, from preschool to high school.  Designed by a homeschool mom for use by her own children, it has expanded to thousands of happy homeschooling families.   We are one of them.  So, if you’re curious…

What is Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool?



All About Spelling

This is the one complete curriculum for a subject my family adds to Easy Peasy.  Spelling concepts and rules are taught in a multi-sensory approach, with open and go lesson plans.  Low-prep, consistent results, and non-consumable books make this program so worth it for us.  Done with spelling stress?

Find the right level for your kids here.



7 Step Free Homeschool Planner

Veteran homeschool mom and blogger Tina Robertson has an amazing collection of over 500 printable page options (most of them free!) to create your own homeschool planner.  I have done this for the last 4 years and loved it every time.  Because you choose the pages, I have also created a whole different planner every time.  If you think you need it for homeschool planning and record keeping…

Tina’s got it here!



The Master Planner

Professionally created by homeschool mom Sherri Chekal, this planner is ridiculously cheap and has over 200 pages of printable page options.  I recently received the update for the Master Planner and love it even more than I did when I downloaded it 7 years ago.  What I create for myself is a mix of Tina’s planner above and this one. 

Want to pay for a planner once and use it forever?

Rock your homeschool planning.